Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Strawberries and chive

Doesn't that sound like a tasteful combination? Eh.. maybe not! Okay, I promise not to eat them together. LOL

Yesterday my mom brought me a chive/gräslök and another strawberry plant, WITH berries this time (my stepfather accidentally dug it up while digging for potatoes). If the move will survive the move in spote if the heat I might actually get some berries to eat (my other plant has refused to flower so far)

I've rearranged thing a bit and but the pansy pot in the corner instead since they're starting to reach their end and at the moment the chive and one of my pelargoniums have joined the petunias on the table instead.

These photos are taken in the evening so the light is a little bit better this time, of not perfect.

The table

Close up of the table with Petunias, Chive/Gräslök and Pelargonium.

Petunia and Sweet Alyssum/Strandkrassing (in less hard light than last time)

The corner in better light as well, now with Pansies /Penséer

The Bleeding Heart/Löjtnantshjärta has started to become yellow not but since it shares the pot with the Wild Strawberry it gets to stay for a while longer until it will move back to my mom. (I really appreciate being able to borrow perennials from her garden instead of trying to keep them on the balcony during the winter)

The new strawberry

Wild Strawberry/Smultron
(the plant has started to trail all over the other pots)

More tomato flowers, this time in the Yellow Pear
(the last photos was from Tiny Tim)

And the bonus flower bed.

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