Monday, July 20, 2009

On crutches

No, I'm not in crutches but we had some hard rain and win last night so now some of the plants have to be on crutches. One of the bonus roses got knocked down by the weather but one of my neighbors took care of that (he does a lot of things around the house to keep things nice + he's really friendly as well)

Bonus rose on crutches

Bonus Jackdaw/Kaja

Bonus Magpie/Skata

I had to put my pelargonium and other window sill plants on the floor again but unfortunately the Älvdalen pelargonium got a bit damaged anyway. It's not completely broken though so I hope a crutch will be enough help.

The Älvdalen pelargonium

The radishes/rädisor are starting to look like they might
need crutches as well, lots of hanging foliage...

... but not much going on under ground

I'm having a theory about the radishes though. For obviously reasons I'm giving all my plants liquid fertilizer every time I water them and the fertilizer I'm using is for indoor plants and balcony plants (since that's what I got). With balcony plants you usually want to focus on foliage and flowers (especially flowers) so this is of course what this particular fertilizer is composed to do. But with plants like radishes you DON'T want to focus on the foliage since you're after what's going on below ground and not above it. Oooops! Didn't think about that. So now I have radishes with lots of pretty green leaves and even buds but not much to eat. LOL

On the other hand, my mom's radishes that are growing in a garden patch with plenty of soil and space around their roots (and the right kind of fertilizer, if any, I assume) are behaving the exact same way as mine so maybe it's just a bad summer for radishes?

The Petunias are starting to hang a bit too but
they're SUPPOSED to do that so no crutches needed. LOL

The strawberries are supposed to hang as well. Don't they look yummy?

And finally a little kitty cat objecting to her mommy going out on the balcony. She doesn't like that I leave her behind AT ALL.

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