Sunday, July 19, 2009

From the other side

I've tried taking photos of my balcony from the other side. That hasn't turned out very well so far. Not being able to walk very long because of my health issues (not very long = VERY short, I'm trying to put things nicely here) I've so far only tried to take photos through an open car window (while also keeping my eyes out for other cars). I will keep on trying until I'll be able to take some good photos though. And the same goes for the guerilla gardening flowerbeds. I've tried taking photos from the ground but my camera refuses to cooperate.

Anyway, here you can see my balcony from the outside.

My balcony is the one in the lower left corner. The pizza place
is behind the bike and the front door is on the other side of the house.

Blurry close up from a weird angle. Aren't you impressed
with my photographic skills? LOL (it was half a million degrees
in the car so you just wanted to get it done and leave.)

I think my balcony looks quite boring from the outside. No one can tell what a paradise it actually is. Maybe I should do something about that until the next summer? Or maybe not, after all I spend all my time on the pretty side of the balcony anyway. LOL

So let's all return to the pretty side now! LOL

The Mårbacka Pelargonium

The Älvdalen Pelargonium and an unknown variegated one (see the bud?)

Pelargonium bud

And another pelargonium bud

I looks like both of these will be red. Red isn't my favorite color in flowers but I think I'll be able to manage. LOL (And I'm SURE you can all figure out what my favorite color is. LOL)

I'll take that back, I REALLY like red in some cases

Look the radishes are staring to swell out a bit! (It tasted good as well)

I guess the radishes are just a bit slow... Note for next year: Make sure to sow radishes a bit earlier. Perhaps I should start to write down my thoughts and ideas for next summer?

I have some more good news, my Hydrangea is starting to show some budding leaves again. It's lost more of the old leaves (I guess it REALLY didn't like soapy water) and I had to cute it down a bit more but now it's started to grow a bit again. I doubt I'll get any more flowers this season but I hope it will grow strong again and that I'll be able to keep it over the winter. (Indoors of course!)


I know it's blurry but just look all those tiny leaf buds!

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