Friday, July 10, 2009

At my mom's again (July 5)

More catching up to do! Last weekend I visited my mom again and of course I took some more photos. My mom has also sent me a bunch of photos she's taken herself to include in the blog.

Unknown climbing rose

Close up (Photo: My mom)

Not quite sure of the name but it looks like some kind of thistle/tistel
(Photo: My mom)

Alcymist. Isn't it impressive?

Still Alchymist but in a different light (Photo: My mom)

(Photo: My mom)

Stanwell Perpetual (one of my favorites in my old garden)

Peony/Pion (Photo: My mom)

Foxglove/Fingeborgsblomma/Digitalis (Photo: My mom)


Tagetes and bumblebee (Photo: My mom)

My mom's house! Eh.. maybe not.. LOL

THIS is however! (Photo: My mom)

The house with the garage /weaving cottage and
green house in the front (Photo: My mom)

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