Friday, July 24, 2009

A machete would have helped!

Today I've trimmed away some of the leaves from the tomato plants. The tomatoes have gotten the same kind of fertilizer as the radishes so they have a huge leaf mass as well. LOL By removing some of it I'm making sure that the baby tomatoes will get a bit more light and air and that the plants will focus their energy on growing baby tomatoes instead of growing huuuge leaves.

It didn't take too much though since they're supposed to still look good as well (it would have been different in a green house)

Tomato leaves

Shaved tomatoes

The other red pelargonium

This one looks like it will be pink though, or maybe white

Radish flower! Less blurry but still too washed out by the sunlight

A jungle of radishes

The tiny Hydrangea leaves are growing too (yes, it gets the same fertilizer)

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