Saturday, July 11, 2009

Everything's back where it belongs

The wind has calmed down again and the window sill looks as pretty as it use to today. In fact it's getting prettier and prettier for every day now

Busy Lizzy/Flitig Lisa



Close up of "Älvdalen"

Look! It's blushing! Yummy!! (Well, soon at least)

The radishes/rädisor (yes, I KNOW they're too many in a small pot. LOL
I knew that from the start but it will change when I begin to eat them)

More yummy wild strawberries/smultron

The Hydrangea looking very shiny because of the soap water

Unfortunately it seems like the brand new baby leaves have turned brown because of the soap water *sigh* But well as long as it keeps the spinning mites away it's worth it. I would have preferred to used a soap/alcohol mix (sorry, can't find a good translation for in in English) that I used on bugs before but I've moved twice since I used it the last time so I can't find the bottle any more. If the plain soap water doesn't help I might have to buy a new bottle. (Even though I'm sure the baby leaves will like that one even less)

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