Friday, July 10, 2009

Air in a hurry (today)

Some one said that wind is just air in a hurry. Well, let's just say that today the wind REALLY needs to be somewhere very important ASAP because it's been REALLY windy all day. Sunny and beautiful weather but WINDY!

It's difficult to show the wind on a photo though

I discovered that I had to tie the tomatoes higher up on the railing because of the wind. I even had to tie up the Tiny Tim tomato and you're usually not supposed to tie up small shrub tomatoes.



As you might be able to tell I use to tie up my tomatoes with recycled gift wrapping ribbons. Recycling is cheap, good for the environment and as a bonus it's pretty as well. Now pretty ribbons in the tomatoes weren't that important back in my old green house but it DOES make a difference on a balcony. The ribbons are also friendly against the tomato stems (which of course matters both in green houses and on balconies).

The Busy Lizzy/Flitig Lisa is starting to open the first bud

The "Älvdalen" Pelargonium

Because of the heavy wind I had to place all the window sill flowers on the floor. The window sill is narrow and I didn't like the way they were moving in the wind. I moved the chive/gräslök and pelargonium from the table as well.


Look at my poor Hydrangea baby!

Unfortunately I've discovered that my poor Hydrangea was full of spinning mites again. I should have sprayed it with soap water the first time I found them. But then again that would gave killed the flowers and this way the flowers lasted longer. But now the flowers have started to wither so I decided to cute the plant down a bit and bring out the soap water.

The Hydrangea sheltered from the wind but still on a safe distance
from the pelargoniums to avoid spreading the evil bugs.

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