Monday, July 20, 2009


I've done another attempt to take some photos from the outside, both of my own balcony and others. I still think I would need a better camera to do this though

Close up of my balcony

My balcony and my closest neighbors'. The hanging baskets above my
balcony are all Petunias. This is the neighbor who's flowers brainwashed
me in to getting little old lady flowers this year (He's a guy though)

Flower boxes filled with Nasturtiums/Krasse on the balcony next to mine

This guy wanted me to take photos of his balcony as well.
Apparently he and the guy above me have a friendly balcony
competition every year. This year I think this balcony wins.

This ones is prettier IRL than on my photo though.

But well, not all balconies are pretty. My next door neighbor doesn't seem
to care (it's still a huge improvement compared to the former neighbor)

If you ask me my balcony looks a bit boring from the outside. Not boring as all those neglected balconies (which unfortunately are in majority) but boring compared to have it looks on the inside and compared to some of my neighbors' balconies. It WOULD have looked more interesting if the Runner Beans/Rosenbönor and Sweet Peas/Luktärtor finally would get some flowers though. I think I need to come up with something else for my trellises next summer. But flowerboxes on the outside isn't worth the trouble (imagine trying to take care of them though the trellis) especially since I wouldn't see much of them on the inside anyway. But well, maybe ONE flowerbox where I don't have any trellis?

Some photos of the "bonus garden" (unfortunately not much blossoms at the moment).

This flowerbed is beautiful in the spring (not so much now though)

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