Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Misty Mountains

Or well, at least there COULD be mountains out there, I wouldn't be to see them anyway. LOL

Night fog

The last couple of days we've had sunshine! Yay!!! The same can't be said for the nights though. Well, yes I know, sunshine is a bit rare at might anyway but I'm talking about clear skies. Or well, actually, I AM talking about sunshine as well since the sun actually rises at 03.30 at night at this time of the year and these photos are taken well passed that time but still at night. And as you can see, no sunshine what so ever! (or clear sky for that matter)

I've said it before, this costal climate takes some time to get used to!

Wild Strawberries/Smultron

It's still light enough to take night photos of my little Wild Strawberries/Smultron though. I'm looking forward to taste them later on..


Dustbunnie said...

Those foggy pictures are really cool. And I love your strawberry plant.

Annefia said...

Thanks! Somehow the camera was able to "see" a bit more than I actually could see IRL.