Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Today we've had sunshine! I mean real actual sunny sunshine, not just the sun trying to shine through thinner layers of clouds like yesterday, but sunshine form a nice clear blue sky. And all of a sudden both me an the plants starts to blossom a bit more.

For instance my Bleeding Heart/Löjtnantshjärta started to flower today and I've found sugar pea flowers too. Okay, pea flowers aren't that exciting (even though they're cute if you give them a close look) but this mean that I will soon have sweet, yummy pea pods to munch on. Yum!!!

And guess what, my rugs have stopped squelching! By tomorrow they might be completely dry.

Bleeding Heart/Löjtnantshjärta

Sugar Pea/Sockerärta



My stunning view (also known as the building site)

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