Sunday, June 21, 2009

About scents and smells

As I've said before, I think it's important to experience your garden and balcony with all you senses. The problem is that when you have a balcony it's hard to control these things yourself, you're a victim to other people as well and because of this the scents and smells on my balcony aren't always that enjoyable.

First of all, as I've told you earlier, there's a pizza parlor just below my balcony. This means that every now and then my balcony smells of pizza and while the pizza aroma makes you hungry and it's not a typical garden scent. LOL

But the main problem with the pizza parlor is all the cigarette smoke. Yuck!!!! You're not allowed to smoke in restaurants in Sweden which means that many smoking customers take a cigarette before entering the pizza parlor and often as soon as they exit as well. And when they're low on customers the pizza guys them selves take long smoke breaks under my balcony too. Cigarette smoke is absolutely vile and disgusting and I also have serious problems with it because of my asthma which means I can't enjoy my balcony AT ALL (not even keep the door open) when someone's smoking nearby. *insert all kinds of angry, not very family friendly words here*

Another smell that doesn't exactly fall under the category "lovely flowery scents" is cow dung. LOL I have a farm not very far away and during the summer nights the smell of dung usually reaches my balcony (for some reason you don't feel it during the day). I'll take cow dung over cigarette smoke any day though (maybe even over pizza, I'm not that fond of pizza. LOL). It reminds me of my childhood summers.

This summer I've tried to add some lovely scents as well. I love the wonderful sweet honey scent of my Sweet Alyssum/Strandkrassing and tonight while burring my nose in flowers to hide it from the cow dung I also discovered that the tiny, purple Petunia has a very lovely fragrance that the other Petunias lack. And later on in summer I will hopefully get Sweet Peas/Luktärt as well, if it just gets warm enough for them to grown.

Now I just wish I could add roses, lilacs, honeysuckles/kaprifoler and such to my balcony as well. (Or even more so I wish the pizza parlor would go bankrupt LOL)

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