Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm ooooold!

I guess turning 40 really WAS the end of my fun, imaginative young self. Now I've turned old and boring! I've gotten Petunias!!! LMAO

I've always thought that Petunias were for little old ladies and boring people with no imagination and now I'm one myself, a boring, little, old lady with no imagination but with four petunias instead. LOL

I mostly blame my upstairs neighbor because every summer he's got the most stunning hanging Petunia baskets (and it's even just the basic bluish purple but they're still stunning). I also kind of blame my former mother-in-law's fantastic petunias (on the other hand she WAS a boring, old lady with no imagination so that's maybe the origin if my prejudices against the poor little flowers. LOL) But I also blame the "plant breeders" that's over the year created petunias in the most stunning colors and the cutest sizes. It's just not FAIR to wear down people's Petunia resistance by making the newer Petunias absolutely irresistible! And finally I blame my garden center that happened to have those irresistible Petunias right at the time when I came to buy some lobelias to mix in with the vegetables in my flower boxes.

See, it's not MY fault at all!!!! *innocent* I mean I can't HELP that I've just bought 4 different Petunias and that I happen to LOVE them. It's everyone else's fault!!! LOL I'm not old and boring at all, I'm NOT! LOL

I mean who can resist this tiny, lavender cutie? *heartmelt*

Or this gorgeous bi-color pink?

Or this LOVELY shade of pink?
(I'm sure you all know I love pink by now LOL)

And this is BOTH pink and tiny *heartmelt*

I've planted a Petunia in each flower box along with Trailing Lobelias/Hänglobelia in pink, purple, white and both dark and light blue. I've also moved the Sugar Peas from the tomato pots to the pea-less flowerboxes since the Snow Peas/Luktärtor in those boxes are growing really slow (no wonder with all the cold and rain we've had).

The tiny, lavender Petunia I planted in the bowl on the table instead of the spring flowers that got to move back home to my mom's garden today. I've combined it with honey scented Sweet Alison/Strandkrassing in pink and white.

Today I've finally moved down the red star pelargonium
from the windowsill for good. It will be safer on the floor.

BTW, can you see something strange and unusual on these photos? The sun is actually shining today!!!!!!

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