Sunday, June 14, 2009

We're about to drown here!

Soaking wet and sagging!

It keeps raining and raining and raining! Everything is completely soaked and today the weather somehow manages to be even wetter than ordinary rain (that happens if you combine rain with lots of mist). As I've described it to my brother (that lives in a differnet part of Sweden), we've had two kinds if weather here this summer, rain WITH fog and rain WITHOUT fog. *sigh* I guess this costal climate with all the misty weather takes a couple of years to get used to.

My plants are about to drown, I think even the ones on the windowsill are getting their fair share of water (and usually rain never reaches more than the "corner"). I've hade to take in the big chair cushion to dry it and look at the fabric I'm keeping to block the view (it's a more open section of the balcony wall there with only metal bars). It's not SUPPOSED to sag like that.

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