Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New decorations!

Hey! Where did the summer go? Okay, I know I complained about my balcony being a bit too hot but that didn't mean that I wanted it to be cold, rainy and really windy. It's like fall in the beginning of June! *shudder*

The red pelargonium got knocked over so I had to put it on the floor. Maybe it's too much of a wind catcher to keep on the windowsill?

Today's photos are unfortunately a bit gray, dull, gloomy and blurry. So is today's weather as well. You just can't take cheerful photos on a day like this. LOL

Anyway, I've put out some new decorations today. I've made a of candle holder from a.... eh... wall shelf for flower pots... (sometimes my dictionary lacks a few words. LOL) Don't worry the candle is firmly secured with wire to keep if from falling off but I've hidden the candle with three ivory candle rings (not quite sure about the dictionary here either, but the kind of decorations you put around candles indoors) I've also hung a wreath decorated with scrapbooking flowers on the wall. Yes, they're made of paper but the rain doesn't reach the inner corner and I don't mind throwing them away when the summer is over. (The false grapes that hung on the wall before are now hanging on the trellis)

Since today's theme is decorations I thought I should show off some of my stones as well. Yes, I like my stones, can you tell? LOL This is a fossil of some kind of shell on top of a more flat stone and then there's a stone painted by my sister in law (The one with the Deadly Nightshade LOL)

This side says; Please turn me over!

and the other side says: Thanks, that felt good...

And look, some things have actually managed to grow in this cold. (Yes, I know, the nature really needs the rain after a warm and dry spring but MY plants don't so could it please rain during the nights instead? LOL)

Itty, bitty, tiny radishes!

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