Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maintenance work

Last night/evening I did some maintenance work on the balcony. You know weeding, watering, removing dead flowers, turning pots and things like that. Because of the heat wave you can only do this late in the evening when things have cooled down a bit and lately I've been too busy "mini vacationing" to do more than watering so I was a bit behind in my chores.

Curious kitty!

My balcony isn't kitty proofed so I can't let my cats out there but last night I badly needed to open up the door more than the narrow cat-safe opening to let in some cool air (I've got mosquito/cat net in my bedroom window so I can keep it fully open but it's just not enough) and of course two scared but very curious kitties followed me out on the balcony. It slowed down my maintenance work a bit to keep them safe but it was worth it.

And yes, I know there is (or rather WAS) weeds in the Deadly Nightshade/Belladonna pot *blushes* It's gone now though!

My poor, bald, lanky Hydrangea/Hortensia

It was time to remove the withering flowers from my Hydrangea to leave room for new branches (and hopefully new buds) but the poor thing is looking miserable right now (and so is the photo, the flash was really messing with me here). The Hydrangea REALLY doesn't like the heat wave but I hope trimming away the withering flowers will help it to feel a bit refreshed.

Lovely Petunias! How could I ever find them boring?

And look! One of the Wild Strawberries/Smultron is starting to turn red.

Pale blue Lobelia

I know the photo is quite blurry but I still think it's beautiful. I love the almost magical glow the flowers have gotten in this photo.

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