Monday, June 15, 2009

Damage control

Today the weather's been a little bit dryer. Not rain-FREE of course but more of a light drizzle and now in the even it's even a HINT of sunshine and things are starting to dry up a bit. I guess that's at least SOMETHING to be grateful of this summer. LOL

I've been out on the balcony pouring away all the excess water from the flowerpot saucers, fixing the sagging "curtain", putting back the chair cushion and just in general tidying up after the massive dose of rain we've gotten lately. Two single plants (in the most protected corner of the windowsill) needed watering but all the others (even on the windowsill) were really wet.

I will need to sweep the floors once it gets really dry but at the moment my temporary plastic rugs are squelching. Yuck! I REALLY look forward to when my stepfather will help me to put in a better floor.

Not much has grown in June, other than the radishes of course. LOL


Dustbunnie said...

Annefia I just love your new blog. I just wish you could come and make my balcony nice. You'd just love it because it's HUGE! LOL

Annefia said...

Thanks! And you're right, I would probably LOVE it. Not just the HUGE thing but also the fact that I would get to spend time with you and of course that YOU would pay for everyhting on the balcony as well. LOL