Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My bonus garden

I use to think of the grass, the rose bushes and the flowerbed below my balcony as my bonus garden. After all, I get to enjoy this little area as soon as I lift my head and peak over the reeling (Well, symbolically that is, even if I AM short in reality I'm not REALLY short enough to have to lift the head to peak over the reeling, I can see things fine as long as I'm standing up. LOL) In fact I see most of the greenery surrounding this house as my bonus garden.

Everything was very neat, tidy and well kept the first summer but not so the last one. I guess both the drought we had and all the dust and dirt from the road construction site made the landlord (big, local landlording company) ignore all their gardening chores (after all, I pretty much had to give up on the balcony that summer as well). On the other hand people living in this house also tend to voluntarily take care of the gardening as well, especially on the other side of the house where people (read: old age pensioners) are doing guerilla gardening and dig their own flowerbeds. LOL (The landlord doesn't mind, it's all well taken care of and makes this house feel very much like a home for the people living here and personally I love it)

Anyway, back to the part of the bonus garden that I can actually see from my balcony.

The bonus flowerbed

As you can see the flowerbed is still in dire need of some weeding! I wonder if the landlord or the guerilla gardeners are in charge of that one? I assume the sooner (or else it would be tidy LOL). I know that at least lawns, threes and shrubs fall under the landlord's responsibility and today they've actually had people out taking care of the rose bushes.

The bonus roses (they're still nned to tidy up here)

Now personally I prefer roses bushes to keep their free, organic shapes (some cutting are of course always needed anyway to remove dead wood etc) instead of the square shapes they've cut the shrubs in to today. But it's still a positive thing that they're starting to take better care of my bonus garden again (EVEN if they've cut away a lot of this years rose buds). Hopefully they will weed the flowerbed as well soon.

I promise to sneak out and take some photos of the guerilla flowerbeds another day but meanwhile you will have to settle with a photo from my balcony instead. And *faint* it's a miracle! We're having sunshine today too!!!

The tiny, pink little old lady plant Petunia

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