Thursday, June 18, 2009

The bonus garden - part 2

Lookie, lookie what they've done today!!! Pretty!!! (Okay so one of the edges are a bit crooked but it's such a fantastic improvement anyway so I don't care... much. LOL)

The stairs below goes to a pizza parlor not to our front door. I'm not particularly fond of pizza though so that's NOT a bonus. LOL

Pretty, newly weeded flowerbed

More tidy than yesterday

And I'm sure you all can guess what I think about today's weather? LOL


Dustbunnie said...

Oh nice! I like it when they do nice stuff outside the building. I can understand you're happy.

Annefia said...

It really makes the place feel more like a home when the outside is well taken care of as well. And I love the "guerilla gardening".