Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rearranging things a bit

It's been windy all week now, not quiet as much as on the Sunday but enough to knock over the tallest pelargoniums as soon as I put them back up on the window sill. Yesterday I got tired of keeping them on the floor so I decided to rearrange things a bit. Now, the Mårbacka pelargonium and the tall red one are standing on the tablee instead, all safely tied to the trellis and I'm only keeping shorter plants on the window sill = no more windy accidents so far.

I've also had to tie up the tomatoes even more from all kind of angles (since the winds is coming from the south this time which it usually doesn't) I think they too will be okay now though.

The window sill afterwards

The tall pelargoniums safely tied to the trellis

Pelargonium close up

This one is the tallest pelargonium on the window sill
now and gets to stand in the most protected corner.

Looking at the Runner Beans/rosenbönor!!!
(the grapes are plastic though LOL)

This one will be way too big to eat but great to use for seeds for next summer.

The balcony is soooo lush now, it's just hard to capture on photo.


Dustbunnie said...

Oh it looks just like a place I'd really enjoy to sit. (not only because of the company I'd have)It's so lush and green and shady. I don't like much being in the sun - especially if it's hot.

Annefia said...

At this time of the year it's quite nice to sit on the balcony, it's cooler outside and the plants of the trellis give you enough shadow. But for most of the summer it was a near death experience to even set a foot on the balcony when the sun was shining there.

Felicity said...

What a cosy and beautiful balcony Fia! When I saw the "grapes" my mouth watered, because they look so delicious, but then you said they were "plastic"! (sigh)

Annefia said...

Thanks! My balcony is really my pride and joy.

In the very southern Sweden you might be able to grow grapes (other than in a green house), if you're lucky and use the right kind of grapes, but not where I live.