Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Midnight at the balcony

It's been really warm and humid lately and I'm also been a bit busy during the days (which you might have guessed based on the lack of updates) so I've gotten in to the habit to water the balcony at night time. I've also done a bit of maintenance work tonight, you know, sweeping the floor, throwing away the pot of radishes (all loooong stems, leaves and no actually radishes to eat) and things like this. A little bit tricky in the dark I must say. LOL

I thought it would be fun to show you a bit of my balcony at night time. Keep in mind though that this affects the image quality, the photos are dark, a bit "over flashed" and sometimes blurry. It's also very hard to know what I take a picture of since its a lot darker IRL than on the photos (they're lit up by the flash but RL all the light I have comes through my living room window) and I can't see ANYTHING in the camera window. I just had to point the camera in what I thought to be the right direction, hope for the best and push the button. LOL

The Corner

The table area

The big trellis

The window sill




Pelargoniums on the table

Pelargonium (the one one the floor in the corner)

Flowering Runner Beans/Rosenbönor

They've even started to get some beans

My darling "Duttis" (you haven't seen as much of her)

Look how big the Hydrangea/Hortensia has gotten again

And isn't the strawberry plant beautiful?

See the to shining orbs in the lower rigth corner?

It's "Mipan's" eyes!

The table and the impressive Petunia

Some of the Yellow Pear tomatoes


Felicity said...

Oh!!! You have a beautiful balcony Fia! The plants look so healthy and of course you have "green fingers", because they are so beautiful.

I recognise the Pelargoniums, but I know them here as Geraniums. Especially the red one in the 7th picture.

Duttis and Mipan are adorable and cuddly. Do you only have the two cats?

Annefia said...


It's called Pelargon in Swedish and my dictionary suggested both Pelargonium and Geranium in English and I preferred the name closest to Swedish especially since Geranium is a completely different flower in Swedish.

And yes, sadly I only have two cats now, I've lost three of them since 2004, the last 2 after the divorce. I lost Bissen this Easter and I still miss him badly.