Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My strange radishes!

Felicity got it right in the end. The strange "fruits" I showed earlier WERE indeed Radish fruits. I've never seen radishes flower before and I've never even HEARD about radish fruits. Obviously they must get some kind of fruits to get seeds but I've never actually seen it happen before or heard of any one else that had either. I guess it's been a good summer for radish fruits and a less good summer for radish roots. LOL

But mom's been growing radishes as well, a different kind than mine, in her green house without the fertilizer I've used and her radishes also grew really tall with itty, bitty tiny roots (even though she didn't get any fruits) so I guess there was nothing I did wrong with these, it's just not a radish year (or perhaps very much a radish year, depending on how you see it LOL)

I will harvest these fruits later to take care of the seeds. I'm really curious to see how they will look on the inside. Will they be fruit or just blown up shells with some seed inside? Next spring I will plant the seeds and of course follow it up in the blog.

(BTW, in case you wonder, the wind didn't damage anything on my balcony yesterday. Phew!)

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Dustbunnie said...

I find your radish fruits very interresteing and I'm glad all your flowers are fine.