Thursday, August 6, 2009

A new Pelargonium

They started blowing up thing at 08.15 this morning. Niiiiiice! LOL Today's blast were bigger than yesterday's but I had my mom visiting so I didn't manage to get out on the balcony in time to take more explosives photos for you.

The lack of dust cloud photos was well compensated by the fact that my mom brought me a wonderful, white, double pelargonium though.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I've put it on the table so far. It's quite tall so I might have to tie it to the trellis before it gets windy but since the balcony had reached the temperature of a baking oven today all I could do was to quickly put it down, take a few fast photos and rush back in again. I'll see what I can do but it before the sun reaches the balcony tomorrow.

This is a photo of the corner seen from the balcony door because my mom thought this view was particular impressive, Actually, my entire balcony is a quite impressive jungle right now. It's just hard to capture it with the camera. But it's never looked this good before and it also smells lovely of Sweet Pea and the fragrant miniature Petunia. I just LOVE my balcony (even though I prefer it when it's less baking oven temperatured. LOL)


Felicity said...

Hi again, sorry for butting in, but I kinda of found the link from your Journal link.

You have a beautiful place Fia, and the flowers are gorgeous too. You obviously have an amazing camera. It confirms in my mind, what a beautiful person you are!

I have also just started a blog for myself. Sven is almost finished his last year at university, and him and Sharan are getting married next year, and I want a place to share my thoughts, photos of their wedding and of course my future grandchildren.
Anyhow, it was nice seeing all your lovely flowers. I hope you dont mind.

Annefia said...

You're VERY welcome in this blog as well! :o) ((((((Felicity)))))))

I'm glad you like my little paradise! :o)

My camera is quite old and actually not very good, but it's still really good at close ups.

How fun that you've started a blog and that Sven and Sharan will get married. Congrats!!!

Dustbunnie said...

*Waves at Felicity.* Hello I'm Pink.

I agree with you mom that the corner on the photo is very beautiful and impressive. Your new pelargonium IS gorgeous.

Annefia said...

Thanks!!! :o)