Sunday, August 16, 2009

The flowers my friend are blowing in the wind...

...the flowers are blowing in the wind

This is what I woke up to this morning! It's "a bit" windy today!!!

The parsley and the two tallest pelargoniums had been knocked down by the wind. Nothing was broken though, neither the long stems or the ceramic parsley pot. In fact both the parsley and the pink Mårbacka Pelargonium were still standing up. Look at the Mårbacka, it's even standing UNDER the chair, to protect it self from other falling plants. It's just peaking out with it's "head" to see if it's safe out there now. I wonder how it's managed to land in a standing position under the chair?????

I've placed all plants (that aren't tied to or entwined with the trellis) on the floor now to be on the safe side. I've also tied up the tomatoes a bit more since it's blowing from the opposite directing than it's used to today (and a lot more as well). I will be going away for the day and I'm actually a bit worried. What if the table blows over and lands on my flowers? What if...?

A photo from yesterday, this is how it's SUPPOSED to look.

The Busy Lizzy/Flitiga Lisa


Felicity said...

Oh my goodness, that certainly wasnt just a little breeze. You are lucky that none of the pots broke. Do you usually have wind like that there because your plants all look so beautiful, like the live in perfect weather conditions!

Annefia said...

No, we usually don't have this much wind in the summer, it's more a fall thing, but it still can happen every now and then. I think it's the third time this summer I'd put these flowers on the floor for safety reasons. The Hydrangea got knocked down by the wind early in the summer but other than that this is the first incident. I think the main problem was that the wind came from an unusual direction this time

Dustbunnie said...

Poor little flowers! Are they feeling better again? Did you let Pytte comford them after their horrible ordeal?

BTW I love your Flittiglise

Annefia said...

They're gorgeous, aren't they?

The balcony hasn't been safe for a littel one like Pytte, the flowers are still standing on the floor because of heavy winds.