Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

...the lions sleep tonight

It's just that my "lions" hardly sleep when they get to visit the jungle for a little while. LOL

(Late evening = flash photos again)

*nom* *nom* Flowers!!! Yummy!

*sniff* Something smells very *sniff* interesting tonight *sniff*

Sleeping lions or not, it's still a jungle

It took longer than expected this year but now the trellises are covered

And all the pelargoniums are full of flowers

I really like how this one turned out (and the leaves, the leaves!)

And a multicolored one!!! (or two plants cheating LOL)

A bud on one of my newest pelargoniums

Same here, just bigger buds

The Hydrangea have recovered completely now. It likes the cooler weather

Tomatoes - Tiny Tim

Tomatoes - Yellow Pear

I wonder if we'll get enough sun and warmth for the tomatoes to ripen? It always a bit uncertain when you don't grow your tomatoes in a green house. But I DO get plenty of sun on the balcony as long as the weather is good.

BTW, can you see the nice and colorful gift wrapping ribbons? LOL

This, if you ask me, was a WAY too small portion of
Runner Beans/Rosenbönor. They're gooooood!

Last year I barely got enough beans to produce seeds for next season but this year there's plenty to both eat and save as seeds.

And don't worry, the pan in question IS clean, it's just very old, like most my stuff (the white residue on the edge is just salt)


Dustbunnie said...

A wonderful jungle and a very beautiful "lion" - though I'd say it's more like a tiger or a leopard. LOL

Annefia said...

To be honest these two reminds me more about Meerkats than anything like lions of leopards. The just don't have the same elegance as their feline relatives. Duttis is particularly good at impersonating meerkats. LOL

Felicity said...

Beautiful cats, beautiful plants, and gorgeous flowers! It is Spring here now and I am also looking forward to the flowers coming out. Fia, you have such a beautiful place! It speaks volumes about the beautiful person you are too! (hugs)

Annefia said...

Thank! Hugs! And *blush*.

I kind of envy you that's got spring now. This time of the year always makes me a bit melancholic.