Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and I got some plants for the balcony (amongst other things) and since my mom was here she also helped me with some of the planting. Not the beans though since we ran out of soil.

I got a wonderful white rose (and a pot for it as well)

Isn't it beautiful?

I also got some Morning Glory (Blomman för dagen) plants

The beans really need to be replanted soon

The tomatoes are liking their new "home though"
(the poor pansies got quite messed up by the thunder storm)

This is how the corner looks now

And just because...
Some less overexposed wilds strawberry (smultron) flowers. LOL

It's kind of fun, when we were done I started to feel like the balcony was staring to get back to its lush self again. Now it almost looked like it did last summer (minus the bean walls). Then later yesterday I happened to look at a post from September last year and I had to take back everything I'd said before. Just look at the photos of the corner!!! There's a long way to go before the balcony looks like it did last year, don't you think? LOL On the other hand it IS just May and still spring so that's only natural.

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