Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yellow Pears and Black Cherries

This week I've bought my tomato plants. I really loved the Yellow Pear tomato from last season. The plant gave an abundance of wonderfully tasting tomatoes and I really wanted a similar plant this year. I also want a smaller plant with cherry tomatoes. Last year I grew the red Tiny Tim but this year I decide to go with the blackish red Black Cherry that I've never tried before. Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a good summer for tomatoes!

Yellow Pear (to the left) & Black Cherry

I haven't planted the tomatoes yet though since I'm waiting for a large enough pot for the Yellow Pear plant. I don't know what I was thinking last year when I planted bulbs in my tomato pot? LOL

Yellow Tulip instead of Yellow Pear

But wait a minute! YELLOW tulip???????????? I remember very well that I planted PINK tulips.

Badly overexposed photo (from last fall) but still PINK

Well, at least it's an absolutely wonderful shade of pale yellow, bordering to lime green, that I love a lot (I'm not that fond of bright and bold yellows) It also goes very well with my new floor and with the new color scheme on the balcony so I'm not too disappointed, just surprised.

White Runner bean (Rosenbönor) seedlings

Yesterday I moved my baby runner beans from the kitchen window (BEHIND the geraniums (pelargoner) well hidden from my too curious flower eating itty bitty, monster kitty) to the balcony. They look really healthy and strong this year.

I know, I know, last summer I wondered for a while if I should really grow runner beans this summer since I didn't felt they grew fast enough to give me the protective green walls that I wanted, as fast as I wanted. But they made up for it by the end of the summer and looove the taste of the beans (Yum, yum, yum!) so I decided to give them a chance this year as well.

This year I will have more plants though (last summer gave lots of beans which mean that I've lost of seeds this season) and I will start giving them fertilizing straight away. Hopefully this will help them to grow thick green walls to protect me from the strong sun and prying neighbour eyes.

Rescued birdie!

I often see people show off their great "dumpster diving" finds in their blogs. I've never done much dumpster diving myself before but now I have my first dumpster diving find. It didn't involve any diving though since he was standing on the lid (and technically it was my mom that did the actual "non-diving" since I had my hands full of tomato plants) but I felt I just had to rescue the poor thing and now he lives on my balcony.

Another find this week was a new turquoise candle instead of the pink one
(this one I paid for though LOL)

The table area, with the new bird and the new candle.

The Bleeding Heart & Forget-me-nots (Lötjnantshjärta & Förgätmigej)

Viola odorata 'freckles' now in bloom

And now some photos of the "bonus garden". (If you're new to the blog, the bonus garden refers to the surrounding trees and flower beds and "guerilla gardening" = elderly people that create their own gardens on the lawn.) Usually the elder generations living her take a better care of the surroundings than the landlord company (that usually just take care of the lawns but is nice enough not to mind the guerilla gardening)

The poor bonus flower bed is in dire need of a weeding now!

I don't know who's responsible for it though, the landlord of the pizza guys (the stairs is the entry way to a pizzeria on the bottom floor). I hope some of the guerilla gardeners will take care of it soon though (I don't have the health to do it myself, otherwise I probably would sneak out one night and weed it since I love weeding. Yes, I know I'm strange LOL)

Half of the bonus roses froze to death this winter and my elderly neighbor that used to tend to the roses has moved so I don't know what will happen to them now (they're the landlord's responsibility)

More photos of the baby trees planted when they finished rebuilding the road outside.
Yes I love trees, can you tell? LOL

The view!

(The truck you can see belongs to the man from the landlord company mowing the lawn, which is why some photos above show a wild grown lawn full of dandelions and others look more neat)

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