Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hap-pea birthday to the blog!!!

Today has been the blogs 1 year birthday! Yay! Congrats little blog! It's been a really fun adventure so far. Blogging about the balcony inspires me to make it even better and more beautiful and it also gives me an opportunity to actually use all those photos that I take. LOL I also look forward very much to look back on last summer and reading the old entries, month for month to compare with this year.

May 2009 (click here!)

This year I'm a little bit earlier with some things (I've planted thing a couple of days earlier this year and I also bought the petunias earlier than last year for instance) and I'm a bit late with other things, like sowing the peas.

It's been a trickier to sow things indoors this spring since the "itty bitty monster kitty" moved in her last fall and turned the life upside-down fore me, the older cats and my poor, poor plants (she didn't just turn the plants' lives upside-down, she loves to turn the actual plants upside-down as well. LOL)

Anyway, tonight I've sown some pre-sprouted peas directly in the flower boxes. The dirt might still a bit too cold for them so I'm pre-sprouting another batch (in wet paper) to sow later or indoors if needed.

Sprouted peas, waiting to fulfill this destiny

To summon this birthday entry up I'm looking forward to yet another summer with my beloved balcony and yet another summer with my blog. I this will be a really good year! (If I could wish for one thing though it would be a little bit more comments and interactions with the readers in the blog and maybe some other balcony blogs to follow myself.)

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