Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Planting Day

Yesterday was what I use to call "The Big Planting Day" when I planted the flower boxes.

I planted:
  • Runner Beans (Rosenbönor)
  • Morning Glory (Blomman för dagen)
  • Petunias (Petunior)
  • Trailing Lobelias (Hänglobelior)
  • Sweet Alison (Strandkrassing)
(The later not in the flower boxes though)

The "corner" flower box

The box to the right of the table

The one closest to my chair

The last Petunia and the lovely honey scented Sweet Alison (Strandkrassing)

Oh nooo, my pretty floor is dirty!!!! (Don't worry, I've cleaned it up by now. LOL
I just needed to wait for the dirt to dry first to avoid creating a worse mess)

The corner

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