Saturday, September 12, 2009

Early fall on the balcony!

I have to accept that it's fall now! I just can't pretend it still summer even when its nice and sunny weather. The air is more crisp and the balcony season is nearing it's end. This will (no matter computer problems and kittens) mean that I will eventually update the blog less often. I prefer documenting growth instead of decay! And I even plan to take a looong blog break during the late fall and winter (with maybe a FEW snowy updates or posts about my plans for next summer). But we're not quite there yet... It's fall on the balcony but it's still early fall and even though the plants have started to look more and more tired the balcony is still lush and I still plan to keep on updating (but probably less often than I did during the summer) While decay is less fun to document fall is still a part of the natural seasons on the balcony.

Today I've done some early fall cleaning, I've put the insulation in the plant box and started to cut down dead or withering plants (mostly Petunias). A clean up was very much needed but now the balcony looks good again (if not quite at it's prime any more)

Before I started

This Petunia really didn't look as fun any more

I've put a double layer of insulation on the floor and
along threeof the walls. The back wall only has one layer
since I hope to be able to "borrow" some heat from the wall.

I've also got insulation left to put on top of the box later. It's
standing behind the box for now. I really like the shadow pattern.

A more tidy looking petunia (I saved the part that still had flowers)

The window sill, now with flowers again. I wonder how long that will last?

The table area

The Corner

The Corner taken from the balcony door

My Busy Lizzy/Flitiga Lisa

The newest Pelargonium


Pelargonium and Petunias

Look!!! One of the Tiny Tim Tomatoes have finally started to blush

The Yellow Pear ones are still as green as always though

The gigantic Runner Bean is even more gigantic now

It's 36 cm long (about 14.4 inches)...

...and 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) wide. Huuuge!!!

The fall has reached the bonus flower bed as well

And finally a photo of the view. They've stopped blowing things up now.


Felicity said...

Wha a shock...that runnerbean is now even bigger! Your garden is really looking lovely Fia. I cannot imagine that it all really "dies" down as it were there. But I suppose it is because in South Africa we dont have the cold winters like there and we still have to mow lawns in winter...(sigh) Everything still grows, albeit slower! lol

Annefia said...

Well, here we live in a huge freezer for several months each year so it's a huge different from South Africa. LOL It IS really sad when the garden and nature slows down and goes to rest but it's fantastic in the spring when the nature wakes up again.

The beans keeps on growing. It will be interesting to see how big it will get until it's time to take the beans down. (We haven't had night frost yet)