Monday, May 3, 2010

Winter on the balcony!

I thought I should start off with showing you some winter photos, just to show you how much snow we've actually had. And keep in mind that I've got a roof on my balcony, it would have been A LOT more snow otherwise (as if this wasn't enough? LOL)

Remember all the nice heathers/ljung I got last fall to have something pretty to look at on the balcony during the winter? Talk about wasted money! LMAO




(This photo is taken standing indoors going outside wasn't an option. LOL)

The plant box, before
(You'll get bonus points if you can guess what the tall black thing is)

And after!

The strawberries, in December, BEFORE the massive amount of snow and fierce cold came. They were still doing fine then. Now? Well... no so much!

We hadn't gotten that much snow yet here...

...but we got more...

...and more...

...and more...

... and MORE!!!

This used to be the bonus flower bed below my balcony

And this is a poor, icy cold Rhododendron (they don't lose their
leaves in the fall, instead they curl them up when they're freezing)

This is a flower pot, in a huge milk can, on a table, under a pile of snow. See
that smaller snowdrift in the background to the left? That used to be my car!!!

I know, I know, cars are a bit off topic but since you can hardly tell
that this actually IS a car I thought it would be okay anyway. LOL

And no, it's NOT an SUV, it just looks that way. LOL

In case you wonder, since I've got a disease (ME/CFS) that gets a lot worse during the winter I hardly use my car even during good winters.

And yes, it actually started again (the battery had been removed during the winter to keep it from getting ruined) and it's working just fine again now. (It's doing MUCH better than the strawberries. LOL)

Okay, okay, I promise, enough of cars and snow now! LOL Next time I'll show some more recent SPRING photos instead.

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