Thursday, May 20, 2010

More catching up - May 15th

I've bought some new pots to go with the more colorful style

I turned out quite pretty, don't you think?

The primula is in full bloom now

I like how all the pot colors look with the flower colors

A pot with strawberries (jordgubbar) and wild strawberries (smultron)

An another one with the violet and the chives (gräslök). Talk about odd mix! LOL

Close up of the freckled little violet bud

I also bought a plastic "basket" to us use storage for pots etc.
I decided to go for green to make it blend in with the floor

Look tulip buds!

This poor tulip forgot to grow a stem though. LOL

The bleeding heart (löjtnantshjärta) has some buds too

I decided to add a wind chime to the balcony this year.
I only wish I had a better place to hang it

The table area

The view

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