Thursday, May 20, 2010

Catching up - May 5th

I'm waaaaay behind with my photos so I've got a lot of catching up to do. We're starting with some photos from May 5th.

Look, look! New fabric!!!

Much better than the old sun bleached, dirty fabric, don't you think? LOL And as I mentioned before, the new rugs called for some stronger colors this season.

I also got some new plants from my mom's garden, like new strawberries and wild strawberries (smultron) since mine didn't survive the winter. I also got a primula, a pot with bleeding heart (löjtnantshjärta) & Forget-me-not (Förgätmigej) and a plant of my beloved freckled violet.

New plants!

The primula already had some buds

The tulips, the chive (gräslök) and dead parsley.

Pretty pansy (pensé)

Pretty pansy (pensé)

Pretty pansy (pensé)

Close up of one of the butterflies in the pansy flower pot

and of the other one as well

The bonus flower bed below my balcony (it needs some weeding)

Baby trees with baby leaves

This tree didn't have any leaves yet though

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