Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today we've had the first thunderstorm of the year. It was really intense (especially the rain) but luckily it was very short as well.

When the rain and thunder had passed it became really windy and cold. Originally I had planned to plant the beans today but considering the weather I'm glad they stayed on the floor since they're usually a bit sensitive to heavy rain and heavy winds when re-planted. But maybe tomorrow if the weather and my heath permits it?

Heavy, heavy rain! The road outside looked like river and I got soaking wet
while taking this photo for you. (The roof just wasn't enough protection)

It was quite fascinating to see the edge of the clouds and
the sunny sky behind it when the thunderstorm was passing.

The rain knocked over the poor beans a bit…

...before I could move them in to safety

I love photos water drops of flowers

The pansies on the windowsill remained dry though

Look! Wild strawberry flowers! I know, over exposed and blurry,
but I just wanted to get inside to dry up.

Close up of the primula

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