Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yesterday's News

We had some REALLY vicious thunderclouds yesterday but only a heavy shower in the morning and no actual thunder. No mean cloud could stop me from taking photos though.

A flower fairy amongst the pale blue Lobelias

(I make her clothes myself)

Pytte is showing off the strawberry

The strawberry's showing off itself

Looking all nice and ripe. I tasted wonderful too! Yummmmm!

My other strawberry plant, I doubt it will give any berries

The radish looks a lot less ripe. LOL Nothing wrong with the taste though.

Busy Lizzy

Pelargonium bug. I love variegated leaves

The Älvdalen pelargonium

The window

Petunias in one of the flower boxes

My poor miserable Hydrangea/Hortensia

Bonus Mock Orange

Guerilla gardening! Doesn't it look wonderful? The photo is taken
from my bed room window and the image quality is really bad though


Sonja.Fay said...

När får man smaka på din jordgubbe? Du bara retas med bilderna LOL.

Annefia said...

De du varit här hade du fått smaka halva! LOL Men jag tror att dom andra små karten är på gång med så du får skynda dig att komma!