Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going pear-shaped!

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with my balcony. It's not going pear-shaped THAT way! LOL It's just that I've found some baby tomatoes today and they ARE a bit pear-shaped (which they're of course SUPPOSED to be)

Baby tomato, Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear

Yellow Pear

Baby tomato, Tiny Tim (this one ISN'T supposed to be pear-shaped)

The strawberries weren't pear-shaped either but they WERE gooood!

The strawberry plant that didn't get any berries is getting baby plants instead

The Älvdalen pelargonium seems to do fine on crutches


Pretty Petunia

These mini Petunias smell just WONDERFUL!

And they look lovely as well

The leaf buds are growing bigger, I think it will make it.

This is how the view looks right now, but at the
moment I think the workers are on vacation.

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