Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yellow Pear tomato

Today I did some tidying up and maintenance again. It was time to tie up the Yellow Pear tomato and the Hydrangea needed some love and care


The poor Hydrangea really didn't fare well in the heat wave we had earlier. The foliage started to fade and get burnt and one day I found the flowers covered by a fine web (probably spinning mite/spinn) I of course removed the web immediately and then I started to spray the plant with a fine mist of water every day. That did wonders to the foliage but the flowers got a bit speckled.

The plant look a lot fresher and darker green again now (I guess the cooler weather also helps) and I haven't seen any more mites or web. Today I removed all the brown and burnt leaves and leaf edges as well so it looks a lot prettier now (although not nearly as good as it did earlier in the summer of course) Direct sun just isn't good for Hydrangeas but that's all I have to offer on my balcony.

Pelargonium bud

The "Mårbacka" pelargonium is opening it's flowers more and more.

The strawberries.

This is how the bonus flower bed looks right now

The bonus roses have gotten their first flowers

And so has the Mock Orange /Schersmin

It's too bad that this part of the bonus garden looks so ugly and neglected though. It would probably have helped to sow some grass seeds instead of letting mother nature sow weeds instead (even though some weeds have pretty flowers).

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