Friday, July 3, 2009

More from my mom's garden

I took some more photos at my mom's garden yesterday afternoon. Luckily they haven't had as many deer as usually in the garden for while now (only a few) so they've gotten to keep some of their flowers. One of the good things with a balcony is that I have less deer and slug problems. LOL

Gorgeous peonies/pioner

I couldn't pick a favorite photo

Isn't their climbing rose, Alchymist, absolutely stunning?
This is only a small part if it, it's HUGE!!! (It's more yellow IRL)

Irises by the pond and even small Hostas/Funkior that's survived
the deer (they're favorite dish an are usually just small stumps, in
a less deer frequented gardens they're a lot bigger than this though)

"The Saringe Rose".

This rose comes from my grandmother's childhood home in
a tiny village called Saringe. The plant has moved around in my family depending on who's had a garden at the moment. It lived in my old garden before and moved to my mom in 2005. It's the only rose I brought with me out of all the stunning roses I had. My brother also got a part of it for his new garden last year. The mother plant is HUGE! I'll ask my mom if she's got photos of it.

My mom's cat! He's the brother of my two spoiled brats.

Meadow Rue/Akljeruta (Thalictrum aquilegiifolium)

Close up

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