Monday, July 27, 2009


My poor, poor balcony plants! I've been away for a day and they where REALLY thirsty today. *guilty feelings* It took 20 liters (about 5.3 gallons) to satisfy their thirst (compared to 5-10 liters otherwise, depending on the weather) They looked a lot more refreshed after a while though.

Really sad parsley! (and a thirsty strawberry plant)

Dry flower box

Thirsty flowers! Look at the poor Lobelias!!!

Luckily it wasn't ALL sad and thirsty plants but some good news as well. After all, they didn't go without water for more than a day and a half or so (I would never be able to leave my balcony all alone for a week, not unless it rained heavily every day)

The baby tomatoes are growing bigger

And so are the Hydrangea leaves

And the last strawberries
(I wonder if they'll manage to grow big enough to eat?)

I also found some buds in the Runner Beans/Rosenbönor

Runner Bean buds

And now for an interesting addition to my balcony! My neighbors climbing vine! It's a very welcome guest but I fear that she will clean away the tendril sooner or later (she usually does this before they grow this tall).

I'm thinking about cutting off the top of it an try to root it and plant it on my side to have my own creeper. I wonder how she does in the winter (we're not living in the same staircase and don't have any contact, or else I would have asked.)

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