Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a jungle UP there!

Remember that I complained that my balcony looked boring from the outside? That's no longer true! Now it's jungle-ness is shown from the outside as well. And anything less than gorgeous on these photos is caused by the photographer really old camera. LOL

It's still looking even better from the inside though

Look at all those Runner Beans!!!! I've gotten plenty of beans this year! But to be honest there's less of them now then there were earlier today. Yummmmm!!! LOL

I've gotten plenty of Tomatoes as well, but they're still green and unripe. It seems like everybody's having a hard time getting their tomatoes to ripen this summer, EVEN my mom's neighbor Irja (she's one of those people that's part garden faerie, every inch of her garden is about 100 times more jungle-like than my balcony)

Tomato - Yellow Pear

Tomato - Yellow Pear

Tomato - Tiny Tim


Dustbunnie said...

It really looks like you'll have enough tomatos at one point. LOL

Annefia said...

Yes, I'm pretty sure I will. LOL It's a good thing I LIKE tomatoes, even pickled green ones.

Felicity said...

Oh those tomatoes are lovely!

Have you thought of perhaps making tomato jam? They make a lovely jam, especially if you make one with the green ones and then another with the red tomatoes! Yummy!!!

Annefia said...

I've never tried tomato jam but it sound very interesting. I DO however love pickled green tomatoes so I'll ask my mom to help me out with that (I don't have spoons enough) but it WOULD be lovely to get SOME tomatoes to eat as well.