Sunday, August 2, 2009

Showing it's true color!

Remember the variegated pelargonium bud? The one that first looked like it would become pink and then looked like it would become red instead? It's open it's first flowers now...

... and it wasn't as red as this one...

...or as pink as this one...

... instead it turned out to be something in between. LOL

It's a beautiful color though


Close up of the Mårbacka pelargonium. Look at how filled it is!

The entire window sill

The table area

The corner

White Runner Bean/Rosenböna

White Runner Bean/Rosenböna

White Runner Bean/Rosenböna

The odd red Runner Bean/Rosenböna

Look at how big the Hydrangea leaves have gotten now. Yay! It will survive!

And the Yellow Pear tomatoes are growing bigger as well

This plant is full of pear shaped tomatoes of various sizes (all of the them far from ripe yet). Tiny Tim on the other hand iss a late bloomer (in the true sense LOL) and is finally full of flowers and only a few tomatoes. I wonder if they will be able to ripen in time before the first frost? (I'm thinking of the tomatoes that are still just flowers, there's no danger of frost QUITE yet. LOL)


Dustbunnie said...

Oh that new flower on the variegated pelargonium is just soooo beautiful. Your hole balcony looks so wonderful. I want to visit you and sit on the balcony and drink cool homemade juice and enjoy your company.

Annefia said...

Didn't it turn out beautiful?

It would have been great to have you here! We could take turns pouring water on the smokers below. Muahahaha! Ooops, did I spill some water on you by "accident"? Well maybe you should stop smoking under people's balconies then. Muahahaha!