Tuesday, August 4, 2009


They've started to blow things up here today (the evil little... actually started while I was still asleep) One could think I should be used to explosions since I hear them twice a day from the nearby road work. But well that work area isn't nearly as near as the one I've got outside the balcony. These explosions were louder even though the other ones are bigger.

Anyway, I'm really proud that I was able to take a picture of the last blast. They're covering the explosions with protective rubber carpets which I'm really grateful for (after all I don't want flying rock through my windows or car roof) but it DOES make the explosion look bit tame.

"Yellow Pear" Tomatoes

Still not yellow quite yet

Now I wonder, should I make a stupid pun about the tomatoes looking like they're going to explode to make these photos seem more on topic with the subjectline? Naaaah... I think I'll pass! LOL I just wanted to show how big they've gotten so far. I hope they will be tasty because there's a lot of them,. Well, who am I kidding, home grown tomatoes are ALWAYS tasty. (Unlike home grown radishes that just get pretty flowers LOL)


Dustbunnie said...

To be quite hones explosions outside my bedroom isn't what I want to wake me up early in the morning either. Great photos though.

The tomatos looks wonderful. I have never see or tasted this kind of tomatos.

Annefia said...

Today's first explosion was 08.15 in the morning. *sigh*

I haven't tasted this particular tomato before but I grew a couple of different tomatoes in my greenhouse back when I was healthy so I've eaten yellow tomatoes earlier.

BTW, did our know that there are striped and (almost) black tomatoes as well?

Dustbunnie said...

No I didn't know that.

Did you know that there are red bananas?

Annefia said...

Yes, but I've never tasted one. Aren't they more for cooking?