Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pelargoniums and duct tape

I'm sure you're all very curious if I succeeded in taping my pelargoniums to my kitchen window sill like I said I would and I can now reassure you that it was a success (the pain that I got from overstraining myself that prevented me from sitting long enough by the computer to update the blog and show you the photos was of course less of a success)

Evening photo with the curtains out of the way

How it really looks

Day time photo

(The plants on the kitchen sofa used to stand in the window but will soon move in to the bedroom)

See the old-fashioned antique cast iron irons (does that sound stupid in English or what? LOL) in the foreground? I didn't duct tape them, they ARE after all made by cast iron and HEAVY so I think they were safe anyway. This morning I woke up to a loud thud though, the itty, bitty, tiny kitty monster had knocked down the smallest one (the plants below survived) But all the pelargoniums were still firmly taped to the window sill. Yay for duct tape!

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