Thursday, October 29, 2009

Grape Hyacinths and Heather

Remember the sun I talked about in my last entry? It disappeared behind the trees after 5-10 minutes. As I said, we don't get much daylight in Sweden at this time of the year (and it will get worse in November and December)

Anyway, a couple of days after I'd planted the bulbs I got some Grape Hyacinth/Pärlhyacint bulbs as well. I would love to get some Snowdrops/Snödroppar as well since they're the first spring flowers to come (literary when there's still snow left) but they seem to be sold out.

Guess what I found after lifting away the moss from my bulbs?

The crocuses had already started to grow!!!!!

Now the crocuses are well hidden under more earth and moss along with loads of Grape Hyacinth bulbs though.

Grape Hyacinths/Pärlhyacinter
(The Swedish names means Pearl Hyacinth BTW)

I will come up with a way to insulate the pot a bit as well later. The gray insulation foam sheet in the background is for the plant box though.

I've also added some more heather to the flower boxes and put together some pots for the corner. I'm really happy with how the balcony looks now.

The corner

Spruce and two kinds of heather

Everything is still alive in the plant box so far...

The poor itty, bitty kitty monster missed her mommy!
(She's standing on the indoors window sill looking out)

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