Thursday, October 29, 2009

I long for spring!

This is pretty much as much daylight as we get at this time of year. Is there any wonder why I long for spring????

But even it the darkest, dullest autumn you can still plan ahead for the spring and that's what I did when I finally planted my pot of spring bulbs last week.

First I started with six Narcissus bulbs (I know three
will be white but the other three will be a surprise)

Mommy's little helper, a.k.a. the itty bitty tiny kitty monster

After the narcissuses I added some more earth and then some tulip bulbs

This is how they will look (a little less overexposed IRL hopefully LOL)

I'd bought a paper screw full of crocus bulbs (surprise colors this time too)

They followed next after a new layer of earth.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough earth to cover
them up properly so I used some moss instead.

I've gotten some more bulbs and some more earth since (as well as more heather) but I'm saving that for another post, the sun is actually shining though the clouds right now *faint* so I want to enjoy it before it sets behind the trees.

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