Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look what I have gotten!!!!

A... a... a.... "plant box". (Why oh why am I blogging in English???? LOL) I don't know what it's called in English but it's one of this box thingies that kind of work as a small green house (well, I'm pretty sure you understand what it is when you look at the photo. LOL) In lack of a proper world (feel free to let me know if you know what they're called) it will from now on be called "The Plant Box".

Anyway, I got it as a surprise gift from my brother.

So far it's standing below the window sill (I've removed the electric grill for now, you know the thing covered in a big black plastic bag. LOL) and I'm only using it to store things like pots and soil. But later I will probably placed it in the corner and used as winter storage for my strawberries and some other plants (not the pelargonium of course, they will move indoors) And who knows what kind of little baby seedling that will live there next season.

Guess why I haven't place it in the corner yet? LOL

The trellis and table is still looking very jungle like as well.

Isn't the Mårbacka pelargonium absolutely impressive?

And this is the result of the funny looking pelargonium bud. Pretty!

This one will end up looking like the Mårbacka, only dark.

My Dizzy Lizzy /Flitiga Lisa looks quite impressive as well now

And I love to see how big and healthy the Hydrangea/Hortensia looks
now. I thought I would loose it in the middle of the summer, remember?

Harvested Runner Beans/Rosenbönor (and there's still plenty left)


Felicity said...

As I dont know much about plants and their boxes, I think that would probably be called a Plant box! Those runner beans look yummy!!

Annefia said...

I'm not surprised, I can't imagine that you need a whole lot of green houses and plant boxes to keep your plants warm in South Africa. LOL I can't make up my mind if it should be called "hot-bed" or "cold-frame" so I'm sticking to "plant box" for now. LOL

They taste as yummy as they look!

Dustbunnie said...

Oh I like your plant box. I wish you could come visit me next spring and help me with my new tiny garden.