Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look! Pretty colors!!!

Look!!! Red tomatoes!!! And yellow!!!

Tiny Tim

Yellow Pear

Oddly shaped Yellow Pear

Just as I'd pretty much given up on the tomatoes ripening this year they've started to change colors. Yay!!! Now I LOVE pickled green tomatoes so I don't see it as a problem if all of them don't ripen (which I really doubt they will) but I would be really sad if I wouldn't be able to eat SOME homegrown, ripen tomatoes this summer. They taste sooo much more and sooo much better than the bland, watery store bought ones. (Well, I don't know how THESE tomatoes will taste since I haven't tried them yet but home grown tomatoes in general I mean)

This has been an overall bad year for tomato ripening. Everyone I or my mom have talked to (including people with green houses) have had the same problems. But as long as some of the tomatoes will ripen I'm happy.

Just a photo of the view. They've stopped blowing things up now (that said, they still make a lot of noise)

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