Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Decay - This weekend

What a difference a week can make! We've had some cold nights, still above freezing according to the thermometer but it wouldn't surprise me if we've had a touch of night frost. The Runner Beans/Rosenbönor didn't like this AT ALL.

We've also had all kind of strange weather combinations, sunshine, rain, windy (to the point where I decided to move down the Pelargoniums to the floor for good), hail, thunder and then some sunshine again (no snow though *phew*)

Poor beans!

The Hydrangea is still looking fine

Look how tall this red pelargonium is!

The radishes

Yummy Yellow Pear tomatoes!

The leaves have started to change color now

The summer season is over on the balcony now. All there's left to do is to clean up, take in the pelargoniums (I just need some duct tape to secure to pots to the window sill, for itty, bitty, tiny cat technical reason, if you know what I mean. LOL) and harvest seeds (beans and radishes) for next year. Because of my medical problems this will still take some time though, I can't do everything in one day, and besides, the beans are still green(ish) so they still block people's view for a little while longer.

And yes, of course I have SOME fall plans as well....

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