Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Sweet Pea Mystery

Sweet Peas/Luktärtor (and more)

Me and my mom shared a bag of Sweet Pea seeds this season but for some strange reason 95% of my Sweet Peas are scarlet colored and 95% of my mom's Sweat Peas are lavender. I've gotten ONE single lavender colored Sweet Pea, one orangey red and two white ones (the purple/lavender/pink thing seen in the background on the photo is a Petunia) This really makes me wonder what decides the color of Sweet Peas. Did my mom grab all the lavender Sweet Pea seeds before handing the rest over to me? (and in that case, how's that even possible?) Does the soil with different nutrition, minerals etc decide the color? And what on earth has happened to all the Sweet Peas that aren't scarlet or lavender? The usually come in huge variation of colors.

Well, no mater the color, the still smell heavenly. I combine them with pale blue hanging lobelias every now and then, just big enough bouquets to bring in the fragrance

And yes, I know the photo above sucks. The flowers are growing on the outside of the balcony and it's not easy leaning out to take photos, especially not when you're short and you're blocked buy huge tomato plants. LOL


Isn't this strawberry plant impressive? This one never got any berries this year, instead it focused on growing baby plants.


Dustbunnie said...

That Sweet Pea thing really is a mystery.

Perhaps that strawberry plant will have lots and lots of strawberries next year. I've heard you can use the plants for three years and they will give you the most strawberries the second year.

Annefia said...

I HOPE the strawberry plant will survive the winter on my balcony. I have deicded eaxctly what to do with it yet. Maybe I SHOULD let it spend the winter in my mom's greenhouse?