Saturday, June 20, 2009

My mom's garden

I was visiting my mom yesterday to celebrate Midsummer and I thought this was a great opportunity to show you some of her garden (again I assume that balcony blog readers have an interest in other similar stuff, like gardens)

Unfortunately the weather and, because of that, the photo conditions were really bad. It was rainy and humid and those thick thunder clouds that makes the light so weird. Even if it didn't actually rain when I took my photos all of them turned out more or less blurry and well just not generally very good. I really wish I had a better camera (6 years is old for a digital camera) Maybe it's not fair to show my mom's garden in a less flattering way but I still think you will get a feeling for how lush and absolutely gorgeous it is.

This is just a part of her HUGE Rhododendron
(unfortunately the flowers had been a bit knocked down by all the rain)

They have deer problems which is why the young
apple tree in the background stands in a cage.

The potatoes and strawberries are caged too

White Bleeding Heart/Löjtnantshjärta and a little fellow made of birch


Part of the huge flowerbed below one of their porches

Garage/car port/weaving cottage seen in the background.


Dustbunnie said...

Your mom's garden look really lovely. :o)

Annefia said...

I think so too and i will show her your comment (while she reads my blogs she hasn't gotten hang of the comment thing yet)