Sunday, May 31, 2009

My darling violet

Viola odorata 'freckles'

This little freckled violet is very dear to me. I've known it since way back in -95 when it was nothing more than a little seed imported from England (these days you can them in Sweden too though). I planted the little seed (and it's seed siblings) in my study in the apartment I lived then and when it was big enough it got to move to my allotment (kolonilott) where it got to stay for one summer only before we had to move again. Next stop was in an abandoned (but restored) flower bed in a very cold and hard climate ("Zon 7" if you're Swedish but that doesn't make much sense outside Sweden). Not the best place for a young little plant but it only had to stay for a year before we moved to a bigger and warmer garden. Finally it had a good chance to grow and blossom and later on I was able to share a part of my freckled violet friend with my mom.

Unfortunately I lost this garden because of my divorce but every spring my mom brings me a plant of this violet to keep on my balcony and later on in the summer it moves back to her garden to rest until next spring. I know that this particular plant most likely ISN'T the same plant that I've brought with me from garden to garden, it's more likely a grand-grand-grand-child, but it still gives me a feeling if continuity and reminds me of the gardens I've had and lost. It's the only thing that's left of my garden dreams but as long as it's blossoms on my balcony a little part of those dreams are still alive.

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